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The following are common questions and answers pertaining to the Clear 4 Takeoff Business Opportunity.  Please review the Q&A below and feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have so that we may assist you in making a well-informed decision.

How do I get clients?

  • Clear 4 Takeoff will research and identify the potential referral partners, key relationship groups and target influencers in your territory and fully assist you in implementing a comprehensive and highly effective local business development the will help you become one of the dominant Aircraft service providers in your market.
  • Our proven business development methodology shows you precisely how to create loyal customers that refer and produce high margin business, steady referral partners and income streams for you.
  • We have proven process to develop private, commercial and national clients through the Clear 4 Takeoff business model.

Are there really that many potential customers?

  • YES!  Think about all of the aircraft in the U.S. alone – almost 300,000, based at over 5,000 airports and a multi-billion dollar industry provide an enormous opportunity for you. 

How much is the franchise fee?

  • The franchise fee for a Clear 4 Takeoff Franchisee is $25,000

Do I need to have experience with this type of work?

  • No.  Clear 4 Takeoff will provide you with hands-on technical training at our corporate locations and at your location in your territory before you open your “doors” for business.
  • Clear 4 Takeoff provides expert in territory assistance during your territory opening and will work with you on an on-going basis in your territory to develop a growing number of new business resources. 

Will I have a protected territory? 

  • Yes – your territory will be protected, but we do allow franchisees to follow business from direct referral sources in to any market. All Clear 4 Takeoff franchise territories are protected and typically are much larger than our Aircraft services company competitors at population per Clear 4 Takeoff territory.  Therefore, your Clear 4 Takeoff exclusive territory will support the level of business volume you aspire to without fear of encroachment of other franchisees.

Do I have to use a Clear 4 Takeoff branded vehicles? 

  • Yes. Our Clear 4 Takeoff vehicle, website and brand program has been strategically designed to contribute to your territory’s business potential. Your banding plays an important role in maintaining your company’s presence and professionalism in the territory.
  • The Clear 4 Takeoff graphic design can be configured to accommodate many types of vehicles, including various size vans and trucks.

Do I need to opporate from a leased or commercial space? 

  • NO.  One of the benefits to the Clear 4 Takeoff franchise business is that you can start the business from a home office setting.  This allows you to begin with less out of pocket expenses and a lower amount of capital, it also allows for you to build a business from the comfort and ease of your own home.  


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